PDF File

Portable Document Format is a file format developed by Adobe in the 1990s to present documents. Therefore, PDF format consists of text, formatting, and images and this can be independent of applications like software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF is used mostly in eBooks, flyers, job applications, scanned copies, broachers’ and you can see even […]

Word Document | Merge Word

Our online tool helps in converting multiple word documents into a single one word document. This article will help you by giving the brief description of into a single word document. What is Word? Word document is a file format used by the Microsoft Word, Therefore, document file consists of text, images, tables , graphs, […]

JS file| Merge JS FILES

Merging and compressing JS files are very common for all the front-end developers. However, at most of the cases, you need to configure and need to install the JS packaging tools first. This tool will help through online function that moves the JS packaging environment to the WEB. You can pack JS files anywhere and […]

MP3| Merge MP3

Very often, people want to merge two audio clips, two MP3 files or more than that it creates a problem in merging them manually. So our tool helps you in merging multiple files into a single MP3 files. What is MP3? MPEG is used for the purpose of extension of the file and compression and […]

Text File| Merge Text

Text merging can be used by many people in many places; these can be helpful in merging chapters or merging multiple comments. What is Text? Text file is a digital and non-executable file which consists of letters, numbers, symbols and it combines both. The information contains in the text file is human-readable.  However, it defines […]

Image file | Merge Image

Our online tool will help you to merge multiple images into a single image. This article will help you in merging the images. What is image? Images, digital image, or still image are the binary representation of visual information such as drawings, pictures, graphs, logos or individual video frames. All the digital images can be […]