Compress PDF Files or Reduce PDF Files

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If you have a document and want to reduce the size of the document it is very difficult to do that manually. But, you can see Online PDF compress makes it possible to reduce the size of large documents into small by installing special software. When you compress the documents PDF files helps you without losing the quality of the document.
Steps to Compress PDF files or Reduce the size of your PDF files
First, you need to upload files that are encrypted, which are safe and private. If the files are compressed, they are deleted.

Drag & drop files anywhere on the page to upload
Upload PDF file

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• Click on the Upload PDF files and select the files from your computer.
• Select the file from a selected folder and drag and drop the page that is required.
• You can even pick the file from Dropbox or Google Drive too. It helps to expand the uploaded PDF files dropdown and select your files.
• Click on the compress button and later you can download your compressed PDF. For more options click on the advanced settings.
• Advanced options are below by clicking on that you can see some of the options
• First is to configure image quality, which can be saved in JPEG image quality of 65%.
• You can see the options under Image quality select good or best.
• Image resolution is can be of 72PPI resolution.
• If you want to convert the image into white or black you can easily use the option to be image conversion.
• You can see an option of compression speed, if you have a document which consists of May images and it takes the longest time to compress. To speed up compressing the PDF choose Faster and skip into smaller images and has a facility to compress the larger ones.
Click on compress PDf, later you can download the PDF file and can save it.