Crop PDF file Online

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Crop means to remove the part of the page or image of what we selected. Once the page or image is cropped than the section is discarded, it helps to reduce the size of the image or file. Whereas, in PDF pages you can remove the white margins, to see the visible area in all the pages of the PDF file. PDF file selects the area; adjust the margin size or autocross the Margins that are visible.

Steps to crop PDF pages

• Click on the upload PDF files and select the file from the computer.
• You need to select the page; you can even see the preview of its pages.
• To select the crop area, click and drag across the PDF page that is given for preview.
• Trim the PDF page margins, crop the area that is selected and minimizes the whitespace left near the text on the page.
• You can specify the margin values in inches, click on more options you can select the desired option you need to top, bottom, right and left margins in inches.
• Click on the crop PDF, then you can download the PDF that is saved.
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Drag & drop files anywhere on the page to upload
Upload PDF file

Edit online PDF file

If you want to edit any document with the help of PDF editor you can edit the files you want to.
Steps to edit the PDF file
 Click on the upload PDF file and select the file from your computer. You can even drag and drop the files.
 You can select the Drop or Google Drive files.
 Click on the sign option, you can see an option to create a new signature then Add signature.
 You can create three types of signature
 Type your signature means where you can type the name and select the style. You have a chance of changing 10 varieties of handwriting styles.
 Click on draw your signature option by using mouse, track pad or pointer device.
 Click on the upload Pdf file you can place the signature on the document.

How to Edit PDF Files Online For Free

 Select your Pdf document which has to edit.
 You need to be sure that Text tool is selected in the top toolbar and click on the text you want to edit.
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