Merge PDF Online

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What is a PDF File?

Portable Document Format is a file format and developed by Adobe in the year 1990. PDF is one of the most used files today. PDF is used to exchange the documents that are in a proper way, hardware, software, and operating system. It allows all the documents to be viewed and printed what is on the device. PDF files are used in legal documents, tax papers, bank statements and some other forms that are used by the user to fill the data.PDF files can be used to merge, edit, add pages and etc.
What can I Merge?
Merging is done for all the documents; you can merge PDF documents, images to a PDF or merge documents to a PDF file.
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How to Merge PDF Online

Online PDF Merge allows in merging multiple PDF files into a single document. Therefore, no special software to be installed to merge a PDF, you can upload files of various formats like doc, xls, ppt and etc. If you want to merge PDF files then you can download the PDF merger.
• Open Acrobat, click on the tools menu and select the files that are to be merged.
• Click to combine the files which you want to merge, and then click on the Add Files.
• Select a file you want to merge and that file should be in PDF format.
• Click, drag and drop to record the files and pages you want to merge
• When finished arranging files, click on merge file.
• Click on the save button.