Split PDF File Online

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If you want to break the PDF file size into small pieces to a easy electronic distribution. Therefore, you can find a tool that allows you to automatically split individual pages of your document into separate files. You can split and merge all the files through free online split tools.
How to Split PDF into multiple files
• Click on upload file and select a file from your computer. You can even drag and drop files
• You can even pick the files from Google Drive or Dropbox.
• Expand all the uploaded PDF files and select the files from your computer.
• Extracts each page into PDF and selects the page which is going to split.
• Click on continue, you can get the PDF pages to be split.
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Drag & drop files anywhere on the page to upload
Upload PDF file

How to extract every 2 pages from PDF

If you’re Pdf documents are of 12 pages and document to be split into 6 smaller documents which contain 2 pages each. Whereas, the first document is of 1 and 2 and the next one has 3, 4 pages.
• Click on the more options button then select Split every X Pages.
• Then click on continue to split the pages. You can see all the pages are in done document.