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CSV files are used to store transcripts when you need to merge multiple CSV files. It is very difficult people to do it manually. So, we came up with a tool that performs the bulk of CSV files into a single CSV file.

What is CSV?

CSV is a Comma-separated value, CSV is a tabular data that has been saved as a plaintext data and are separated by commas.  However, each and every row consists of a new line and column is separated by the comma.  Many online services use CSV format such as online banks, it allows the tabular data from the website into CSV files. Therefore, all these files can be opened and viewed through offline by using a simple spreadsheet program.
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How to create CSV file

CSV is a simple file that stores in a tabular data, such as spreadsheets or database. CSV file format can be imported and exported from program and stores the data in tables that can be in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

What are the CSV files used?

Based on the two reasons CSV files are used online

  • CSV files are a plain text file, which helps website developer to create easily.
  • CSV is a plain text and that can import the data easily into spreadsheets or database and checks what kind of software program you are using.

Merge multiple CSV files

Here are some of the steps to convert multiple CSV files into single in an easy way

  • Click on the button and select the CSV file
  • Add more files by clicking on the button
  • Upload multiple files of CSV.
  • Converts all the CSV files into a single file.
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