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Our online tool will help you to merge multiple images into a single image. This article will help you in merging the images.

What is image?

Images, digital image, or still image are the binary representation of visual information such as drawings, pictures, graphs, logos or individual video frames. All the digital images can be saved electronically on any storage device. Images are of two- dimensional, such as photograph or screen display. However, the images are used as the border and are of any dimensional supports map, a graph, a pie chart or a painting.

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Types of Images

Images file formats are used to store digital images. Therefore, the entire image files are compressed of digital dat. Images are stored in the form of uncompressed, compressed, or vector formats. You can see five formats in which image are stored.

  1. TIFF

TIFF means Tagged Image File Format; this image is very large in size and gives you detailed image data. TIFF is used in photo software, page layout software; TIFF file ends up with .tif.

  1. JPEG

JPEG is a Joint Photographic Experts Group; JPEG files are compressed that stores a lot of information in small-size file. Almost all the digital cameras stores photos in JPEG format, because they can take more pictures on one camera and this file ends up with .jpg.

  1. GIF

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. This format compresses all the different kinds of images like JPEG. Therefore, GIF file ends with .gif

  1. PNG

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics, it will replace GIF, and GIF was owned by one company and is of license free. It will allow adding color and helps for the better compression, PNG file is saved with .png

  1. Raw image file

Raw image files supports by digital camera. These are named as raw because they cannot be compressed nor edit and print and contains most of uncompressed data.

Steps to Merge Images

In our daily life, you will sometimes need to merge two or more pictures. Here are online our tools that combine multiple jpg files into a single jpg file. It supports image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.

  • Select the file from your computer.
  • After uploading the first image, you will be asked to upload a second image. This will be merged just below the first image.
  • It uploads multiple different format images into one
  • Converts into JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF format images.
  • Download the final image, which merged multiple different image formats into single image.
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