Excel File | Merge Excel File

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Our online tool will help you to merge multiple excel documents into a single excel documents. This article will help you in merging the excel documents.

What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a software program that was created by the Microsoft allows users to organize, format and calculate data with the formula using a spreadsheet. However, the data in the spreadsheet laid out in rows and columns is like a big table.  This software is a part of Microsoft Office suite and is flexible with other applications in the Office suite.

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What is Excel used for?

The spreadsheet is a powerful tool to arrange data into rows and columns helps in reading and manipulate. These can be used for the purpose of business to store and manipulate data.
Some of the examples where Excel might be used

  • Here are some examples where excel are used in the companies
  • You can keep track of sales by customers from a month to month.
  • They check all the customer payments and take care to make sure that none are late.
  • You can even calculate all the work done by the employee for a month.
  • Handing over projects, tasks to employees in a centralized location.

Steps to merge Excel

Here are some of the steps to convert multiple excel sheets into a single one

  • We need to load a Excel on the button
  • Add other Excel sheets beside the first button.
  • Click on the convert button to upload the Excel sheets.
  • After uploading the Excel sheets it starts downloaded.
  • You can see multiple excel sheets into a single sheet.
  • Save or send the excel sheet to your mail.
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