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Merging is done for all the documents; you can merge JPG documents, images to a JPG or merge documents to a JPG file. This article will help you how to merge the JPG file

What is the JPG file?

JPG has used the images which are compressed and contains digital images. This is one of the most common images used by the digital camera, different operating systems and on the Internet. JPG is a Joint Photographic Experts Group used for creating standards. JPG files consist of two sub-formats, JPG/ Exif, and JPG/JFIF. Therefore, JPG/Exif used in the digital cameras and in photography equipment and JPG/JFIF is used on the World Wide Web.JPG files are used on the websites and emails; JPG is a file format from the ‘lossy image’ file means the quality can never be recovered. Therefore, JPG Format is often used in the digital camera memory cards. JPG file format will compress the files 1/10 of the size of the original file which is good for saving the bandwidth. JPG is used for editing the images and will compress and decompress the images.
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How to merge multiple JPG files into JPG format image

With the help of Photoshop software or MS painter software attached windows helps you to merge two passport photos or merges. If you are not an experienced computer operator then it will be a problem to install, download, and operate. So you can use this tool to merge the picture through online and download the merge file.

Steps to merge the JPG image

In our daily life, you will sometimes need to merge two or more pictures. Here are online our tools that combine multiple jpg files into a single jpg file. It supports image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.

  • Select the file from your computer.
  • After uploading the first, you will be asked to upload a second image. This will be merged just below the first image.
  • You have to check whether the image has same width or not. You can resize tool to adjust the width of both the images.
  • Download the final photo, which merged multiple into single one.
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