JS file| Merge JS FILES

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Merging and compressing JS files are very common for all the front-end developers. However, at most of the cases, you need to configure and need to install the JS packaging tools first. This tool will help through online function that moves the JS packaging environment to the WEB. You can pack JS files anywhere and anytime.

What is JS file?

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is a lightweight and used for web pages, whose applications allows a client-side script that connects with the user and make dynamic pages.

JavaScript was first known as Live Script, but later Netscape changed its names to be JavaScript. This was done because the excitement was being generated by Java. JavaScript has first appeared in Netscape 2.0 in the year of 1995 with the name of Live Script.

Standard versions of JavaScript

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JavaScript language consists of some standard versions are given below

  • JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language.
  • Complementary to and integrated with Java.
  • Designed for creating network-centric applications.
  • Complementary to and integrated with HTML.
  • Open and cross-platform

Steps to Merge PDF

  • Combine all the multiple files into one file, merge all the JS files into one
  • Upload JS file from your computer
  • Click on other files that you want to merge.
  • Click on the merge button
  • Download the converted JS multiple files into single JS file.
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