PDF File

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Portable Document Format is a file format developed by Adobe in the 1990s to present documents. Therefore, PDF format consists of text, formatting, and images and this can be independent of applications like software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF is used mostly in eBooks, flyers, job applications, scanned copies, broachers’ and you can see even other documents available in the Pdf format. PDF files can easily convert and edit the contents which are in the form of PDF.  However, you can convert the PDF in the form with an extension of.PDF and file opens in a program other than a PDF reader.

A PDF file can store different kinds of data which includes text, vector graphics and raster images. It gives page layout information, it points out each and every location of the item on the page, along with the size and shape of the pages in the document.  All the information is placed in a standard format. PDF contains more than one-page front and backward of the file. The PDF specification provides for encryption and digital signatures, file attachments and metadata to enable workflows that require these features. Signatures, file attachments, and metadata to enable workflows requiring these features. PDF format supports the metadata, such as the document title, author, subject, and keywords.

How to create and View PDFs

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PDF are generated from existing documents. However, if save word document as a PDF or scan a hardcopy and save it as a PDF. PDF has opened by the developers and they include “Save as PDF” or “Export to PDF”.

To View a PDF, YOU can use Adobe Reader or any program or plug-in which supports the PDF format. You can use PDF editor with the help of Adobe Acrobat or any third party PDF editor. Many editors are going to fill and sign features, which allows you to dill the fields and sign the documents. Program that supports OCR allows you to digitally scan the documents for text and then edit or delete it. You can add images and blocks of text to the PDF. However, most of the PDF files allow merging multiple PDFs into single document.

How to Edit a PDF File?

If you need to edit a PDF you need to check whether it is in PDF format or not, and you have options to be limited. The standard version is $12.99 per month and requires an annual commitment and is available for windows. The pro version is $14.99 per month which requires an annual commitment that is available for both Windows and macOS.


PDF filler is a software tool which helps to edit the documents of the Pdf files.  Users can edit, sign, store and share the document through any web browser or even by mobile device. PDF Filler share documents through email, social media.

List of Edit PDF tools

Here are some of the tools which help you to edit the PDF files in a simple and easy way

PDF File for Text

If you want to write any comment in the PDF file then select the text from the toolbar and place on the PDF file where you need to add the text in the PDF file document. You have an option to increase and decrease the size of the words.

Cross tool for PDF File

Cross mark is used to a particular word or a text or a sentence where ever you find the word in the PDF file. If you see anything wrong in PDF you can keep a cross mark on the PDF. So, if you feel that is unwanted then you can mark it with the cross symbol. If you want to change the color of the check mark it is easy to select the color you needed.

Check Tool for PDF file

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Checkmark is used to a particular word or a text or a sentence where ever you find the word or sentence is correct in the PDF file. If you want to recognize the correct word than place this checkmark from the tool in the in PDF.  If you want to change the color of the check mark it is easy to select the color you needed.

Sign Tool for PDFs Online

You can use the device of the touch screen that helps in creating a unique and legally binding electronic signature. You need to upload scanned images and add a signature to your PDF. However, if you want to sign these PDF documents by others you can send it through SendToSign. You can review signature request history whenever you needed. You can save the signature or you can upload it for later use.

Add the Date tool

Click on the date icon in is placed on the toolbar and click where you want to place along with date. You can see the default current time on the PDF file. You have an option to change it to any date you wish to.

Image tool for a PDF tool

Select the image option which is on the toolbar to open the image wizard. You will see a window open where you can upload a picture you want to upload in the PDF file.  Uploaded image can be placed wherever you wish to place on the PDF file.

Erase tool

Erase is a tool placed on the toolbar which can be appeared under the editing tools. You can erase any content from the PDF document very easily.


If you want to remember any word you need to highlight the sentence, it is an easy way to highlight the important sentence or word.

Blackout tool

Black too is used to point the sensitive information in PDF documents. Click on the Blackout button in the main menu or toolbar. Point the content you wish to.

Text tool

The text tool icon is selected where is placed on the main tool. Click on the Text tool where you want to place the text box in the PDF file and type your comment

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