Word Document | Merge Word

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Our online tool helps in converting multiple word documents into a single one word document. This article will help you by giving the brief description of into a single word document.

What is Word?

Word document is a file format used by the Microsoft Word, Therefore, document file consists of text, images, tables , graphs, charts, page format and print settings.
The document is a file format used by Microsoft Word, used with word processing software that includes open office.

How to simplify word documents formatting with styles.

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When you want to format text in Microsoft word, you can do it yourself, with the help of selecting a font, size, color, and other attributes. You can easily find with word document styles.
You can see many styles for document formatting in the word.


You need to check all the headers, sub headers, paragraphs and tables whether it has a correct format or not.


Styles are of automatic bookmarks, when you move to navigation pane you have to click headers and sub headers in the pane to spot that place in the document.

Steps to Merge Word

Here are some of the steps; it helps how to merge a Word:

  • We need upload word document
  • Add other word documents on the other button
  • Click on the convert button to upload the word document.
  • After uploading the multiple word documents it converts into a single word document.
  • You can see multiple word documents into a single one.
  • Save or send the word document to your mail.
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